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have been fully upgraded

Functionally, it can realize "thousands of thousands of people"

Nowadays, mobile banking services have been fully upgraded. Inquiries about account details, free interbank transfers, credit card offers are only basic functions, large transfers, “AI investment”, customized services... Mobile banking services have shifted from unified standards to “Thousands of thousands of people” "The service that everyone can enjoy using mobile banking may be different. The bank began to customize the exclusive mobile banking service for customers -

China's mobile banking is experiencing explosive growth.

According to the latest data released by the Bank of China, in the first half of this year, mobile phone banking transactions accounted for 13.93 million monthly transactions, a year-on-year increase of 71%; mobile banking transactions totaled 8.32 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 75%. The rapid development of Bank of China Mobile Banking is the epitome of the current domestic mobile banking business.

Nowadays, mobile banking services have been fully upgraded. Inquiries about account details, free interbank transfers, credit card offers are only basic functions, large transfers, “AI investment”, customized services... Mobile banking services have shifted from unified standards to “Thousands of thousands of people” "The service that everyone enjoys using mobile banking may be different. The bank began to customize the exclusive mobile banking service for customers.

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Large-value transfer on the palm

In the past, customers who transferred more than 50,000 yuan were required to go to the counter. The reporter's investigation found that many banks' mobile banking business has broken this old case.

This year, ICBC launched the "one-button large-value transfer", and the single payment amount of mobile banking was raised from 10,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan. It is understood that this function is based on the one-click large-value payment function of “e-payment”. The customer combines OCR (Face Recognition Technology) face authentication with U shield, cipher, payment password and other authentication methods, and can set the initial payment limit of e payment from a single 10,000 yuan, a daily cumulative 10,000 yuan, and a monthly accumulation. 50,000 yuan was raised to a single pen of 200,000 yuan, a daily total of 200,000 yuan, and a monthly total of 1 million yuan. After the payment limit is raised, the customer can use the fingerprint + SMS authentication or payment password + SMS authentication method on the mobile banking to carry out large-value transfer and remittance operations.

Ms. Shen is engaged in liquor sales business. “When stocking, it is generally necessary to transfer more than 2 million yuan to the manufacturer. Every time you have to run the bank and queue up, it is very inconvenient.” Ms. Shen’s troubles are very representative. In response to the above problems, some banks have also introduced an upgraded version of the large transfer. For example, CITIC Bank launched the “Trusted payee Transfer” function in the mobile banking transfer function. Customers with large transfer requirements can use the personal online banking U-KEY to set up a list of trusted payees, and they can enjoy the default payee's default single/day accumulation of 1 million yuan and a maximum of 5 million yuan.

In order to ensure the security of large-scale transfer of mobile banking, the bank has also developed a series of "black technology" to escort security. In addition to launching biometrics verification payment services such as fingerprints, irises and faces, Minsheng Bank Mobile Bank also explores the application scenarios of speech recognition and semantic understanding technology combined with mobile banking, and adopts the latest technology white box encryption algorithm to improve the security performance of mobile banking.

The mobile phone SIM shield jointly launched by Bank of China and China Mobile will embed the traditional U shield into the mobile phone SIM card, and the U shield password verification is completed in the SIM card, which can effectively avoid the Trojan interception and improve the mobile banking security authentication service capability. According to reports, the Bank of China also applies big data and artificial intelligence technology to its business, and establishes a model to determine whether the transaction object is an "intentional" operation. The network risk control project put into operation in December 2017 has accumulated hundreds of millions of transactions, and has successfully intercepted thousands of fraudulent transactions to avoid tens of millions of losses.

AI investment one button to get

Xiao Xiao is a lobby manager of Everbright Bank's business hall. She told reporters that there are fewer and fewer customers who buy wealth management on the counter, because they have to go through various procedures such as queuing, filling in, and teller services. 10 minutes. Under her guidance, the reporter exercised mobile banking to purchase wealth management products. It is also a wealth management product recommended by the counter. It can be purchased in less than half a minute.

According to reports, the recently upgraded Everbright Mobile Bank has added text and voice search functions on the “Home” and “Finance” pages. The search scope covers various functions of mobile banking, wealth management and fund products, and customer service FAQs. “Thousands of thousands of people” is a highlight of Everbright Mobile Bank.

The function of mobile banking is “one thousand people”. It is based on big data technology such as algorithm engine, rule engine and scene engine. By analyzing customer behavior and preference data, different entrances on mobile banking client, Different information display effects are generated for different hierarchical group customers. At the same time, Everbright Mobile Bank can intelligently recommend financial products that suit and meet user preferences based on customer images and their different tag attributes.

The AI ??smart investment service that serves investment and financial management has become the main push product of various mobile banking companies. CITIC Bank launched “Xinzhi Investment” in February this year. Customers will conduct risk assessment before investing. After the evaluation is completed, the smart investment products will recommend wealth management products based on various data such as risk preferences, funds and age. Bank of China launched "Bank of China Huitou", relying on big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide exclusive product portfolio services and asset diagnosis. In the second half of April, the sales volume reached 100 million yuan within one week of the launch of the product. As of the end of June, the stock of funds reached 3.3 billion yuan.

According to Xing Guiwei, chief engineer of the Information Technology Department of Bank of China, this product is unique in that it can provide product investment reports, market analysis and net value changes on a regular basis. If the performance of the portfolio deviates from the customer's expectations, the system will give an optimization prompt, and the customer can choose whether to optimize with one button, so as to avoid the irrational investment behavior of chasing up and down.

Embedding the scene is the key

Mobile banking has launched smart investment products, and there are also many problems such as product homogeneity and reduced customer dividends. In the eyes of the industry, the operational capabilities of various mobile banking companies in China still need to be improved Blood in the urine.

Bao Zhongtie, the chief financial industry expert of TalkingData, believes that there are at least three major uncertainties in the operation of domestic mobile banking: first, the mobile phone banking user experience and product functions are gradually merging; secondly, the current mobile Internet development, the overall increase in passengers The amount of dividends is gradually decreasing, and the number of applications that users open on average every day is declining. Mobile banking has always had shortcomings with low daily opening times and fewer daily users. Third, more and more banks want to transform mobile banking into Online business premises, but the data operation capabilities are not matched, which is a test for the future development of mobile banking.

Industry insiders suggest that we should increase the relevance of services, increase the stickiness of mobile banking to customers, and create synergies between outlets or account managers and online channels, so that customers and banks, banks can realize value online and offline. maximize.

Many users who use mobile banking told reporters that the service of mobile banking is more secure, but there is room for improvement in convenience and service. Therefore, some industry experts also suggest that mobile banking should strive to be embedded in all kinds of scenarios that can directly reach customers, and become the most accessible financial services provider for customers when they need it. Especially for some small and medium-sized banks, the efficiency of obtaining customers by their own channels is not high. If they can penetrate into the various consumer scenarios commonly used by customers, they will add more service “contacts” and enhance customer stickiness.

Undoubtedly, regardless of the current scale and growth rate, or the level of revenue and customer service satisfaction, we have reason to believe that mobile banking will become the mainstay of banking in the future. It is also foreseeable that with the development of technology and services, mobile banking will continue to upgrade, and the direction of mobile financial portals and integrated service platforms will change, and users will experience better financial services.

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